Simply put: Vetting means to see if a potential partner has the characteristics you’d like. In this case, the characteristics you should be looking out for are already provided for by Jehovah Jireh. Didn’t he tell you He’s a provider? It’s laid out in pretty clear fashion for women and Men. Let’s see below:

Women: We’re going to ask you to do a little homework here, Ladies. Homework: Read 1 Timothy Chapter 3, 1 Timothy Chapter 6 & Titus Chapters 1-3. There you will find many of these characteristics expected of Men such as:

Integrity, Hard Working, Provider, Serves God, Fears God, Gentle in Speech, Giving, Integrity, Sharp Mind, Focused, Perseverance, Responsible, Honest, Good Communicator, Forgiving, Protector.

Men: Fellas, you get some homework as well. Homework: Proverbs 31 Gives the ultimate description of Characteristics of Godly Women such as:
Virtue, Reverence, Faithfulness, Strength, Endurance, Well Rounded, Charitable, Nurturer, Well dressed, Husband Confident in Her, Praise Worthy God mother, Excels, Fears God, Wise, Kind.

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