Dating: Testing the Waters. Trying it out. Seeing what’s out there. Checking my options. Looking for viable candidates. All of these are phrases told to us when we asked what it meant to date. There has long been an issue of whether Christians actually should date as it can be seen to some as taking matters into your own hands and not letting God lead. Additionally, some Christians view dating as to “open” leading to relaxed morals and poor decision making that does make for the best opportunity to enter a Godly marriage.

Courting: Spirit Led. Accountability. Limited Physical Contact. Deep Spiritual Connectedness. Purposeful Pursuit of Marriage. Short & Intentional. Similar to the above, these are responses given about Courting. For some Christians, Courting is hard because it represents restriction or let’s say a very unique experience that limits that which society has deemed as normal. Though this may be true, studies have shown that Courting leads to longer marriages and more satisfied couples.

What we noticed during interviews: When these same individuals from above talked about courting, there was so much more passion in their voices and their aura was more peaceful than when they discussed dating. Conversations surrounding Dating seemed to bring about excitement (like fun or a party) but Courting conversations brought passion, peace and deeper thought.

What Do We Think: Balance is key. Somewhere in the middle seems like a nice place to be. The pandemic has changed the way we live. We have to be more careful who we decide to allow into our lives and how we invite them in. Whether we meet in person or online, some essentials are being healed of past relationships, putting old hurts and pains behind us, forgiving others and ourselves, and a whole lotta Jesus! Everyday, every minute, every hour

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