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About us

Hello ‘Found & Favored’ Family!

We are here to connect godly relationships that lead to marriage and share these testimonies of how you Found Black Love with the world.

Foundandfavored.com is a Christian dating website that caters to marriage minded singles. It’s a great place to interact, find & meet likeminded people in your area, with the goal of creating a lifelong love & marriage connection.

It’s all about you?

Our website is for the mature christian who is ready and prepared to take the next step in life…marriage! By vetting account creators from the start, we are weeding out those who are less serious about finding a life-long mate out. Our priority is your safety and your Found & Favored testimony.


Making unforgetable connections

Some of you will create an account, log on and instantly find your black love and marriage connection. I mean, that’s ideal! Some of you will e-meet and talk with a few people before finding your love and marriage connection. And that’s okay too! Either way, we want you to believe it can and will happen for you. Here are some ways to enhance your chances of connection on I Found Black Love.

More details below:

  • Spend some time in the Community.

  • Add your yourself to a Group or Create a Group.

Making unforgetable connections

It all starts with you taking that initial step to meet the man/woman God has ordained for you. There are many ways to do that, however many can attest to online dating being just the platform needed to “break the ice” and push them to take the next step in dating. It may be the same for you.

More details below:

  • Use the Search Features and read Profiles Carefully.

  • Only reach out to those you are seriously interested in and remember if it doesn’t work out…no harsh words.

  • Have fun & Keep it Christian!


Making unforgetable connections

Preserving the Black Family is one of our main goals. Before we created this site, we often heard things like – “There are no sites to find serious black men or women”, OR “Such and such website doesn’t really have a lot of black men (or women)”, or “I don’t have anything against other races, but my preference is to marry a black man”, and the list goes on. So, we created Foundandfavored.com with those things in my. Created by blacks for blacks because we still believe in black love. Let’s look at some statistics:

  • There are more black women than black men (due to a variety of factors).

  • Intermarriage rates are increasing

  • Single mothers rate are still growing.

If you identify as Black and are prepared for a committed relationship that leads to marriage with someone else who identifies as Black, then this is the site for you! It’s as simple as that.

You might ask, what does it mean to be prepared for marriage. We’ll tell you: The Bible says in Genesis 2:24, “For this reason a man leaves his father and mother and the two shall become one flesh.”

For Men, being prepared as a man means having the characteristics of a godly man such as serving God,being a leader, protector, spiritually grounded, staying humble and standing strong. This includes being ready financially, physically, and mentally to “take a wife”.

For Women, this also means having the characteristics of a godly woman such as serving others, being trustworthy, financially prudent, caring for your body and your home, and serving God.

More details below:

  • Marriage Ready

  • Chirstian Men.

  • Chirstian Women

  • Black Men

  • Black Women

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Write the stories in a simple way

Found & Favored is Gutenberg compatible. That means you can write beautiful articles right away and have a blog to keep your members informed.

Meet influencers

Happy Users

Our main goal is to have satisfied customers and that is why we have a 7/7 support team ready for you in case you have any questions related to our website.

“Such a great platform, I found many friends and my love”
Matilda Ferentz

“Seeko is a cool community with lots of useful features”

Jonathan Frazier

“The best discovery in 2021 is Foundandfavoured.com, and I am proud I found it”

Georgia Mason

“Smart matching helped me find new beautiful friends”

Ricky Hansen